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Dillman, Sunday 13th Tishri

(October), 1830.

Peace to my cousin, Itzik.

In view of this opportunity, I cannot
omit writing several lines to you. Don't take
it anisa[?] that I write so briefly to you, but
I promise you faithfully that I will do better
in the future. As you will, with God's help, soon
hear from Jacob, we are still in the best of health,
as we hope is the case with you. I am at
present at my mother's [?] where I will
remain for a while. I hope that you and our
Uncle Jacob are in the best of health.

I remain your ever faithful cousin

Selig, son of Jacob

Addressed to my dear and beloved cousin,
Isaac. May God make his revd[?] fortunate
and guard him from the storms of the

ליד בן דודי אהובי
לנצח איצק צ
ה' יצליח דרכו
וישמרהו מסערה

The last phrase must refer to the bearer of the

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Sep. 31 3rd

Reverand (sic) Isaac Leeser


I have the honor to enclose you a resolution
of the Congregationadopted (sic) at the last stated meeting.
In pursuance whereof I tender you on their part an en
gagement as Hazan for a term of five years at a salary
of one thousand Dollars per annum as you will [?] to
say whether you will accept of the Same or whether you
desire any modification or to the number of years–
The words of the resolution are general but I do not
believe it to be the wish of the Congregation to oblige
you to serve for any longer period than would be every
way a agreeable or acceptable to yourself

I am very respectfully

Your Obedient Servant

Z Phillips

Copy Parnass K. K.

5592 Mickve Israel

Sep. 11—1831

Extract from the minutes of a Stated Meeting of the
K.K.M.I. Held on 4 September 1831

Resolved That Mr. Parnass be authorized to engage the
services of Isaac Leeser as Hazan for the Congregation
for a term of Five Years at a Salary of One Thousand
Dollars per annum–

Id. Gratz Secretary

Copy of the resolution enclosed

The following appeared on the other side:–

No. 2

Sept. N' 1831

Copy of letter to Isaac Leeser

Enclosing resolution–

relating to the engagement of

Rev Isaac Leeser as Hazan