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London February 16th 1866

To the

Revd Isaac Leeser


Seeing in a recent
number of the „Occident”
an advertisement announcing
the publication of “Meditations
and Prayers adapted from the
French by Hester Rothschild,
American stereotype edition
revised and corrected by
Isaac Leeser.” I beg you
will have the courtesy to with-
hold the publication as well
as any further announce-
ment of the correction and
revision by you, until I am

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in a position to judge of and
sanction such a revision and
correction, for which purpose
I must request you will be
good enough to favor me
with a copy of the work or
a full and accurate list of
the said corrections and
revisions, as my M.S. of
the first edition was submitted
to our reverend chief Rabbi
Dr Adler
for his approval
and the last English edi-
tion was most carefully
looked over and revised by
myself and a gentleman
ably fitted for the task.
I am induced to appeal
to your gentlemanly feeling
and sense of right by
an old and esteemed

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friend Mr Jacob Franklin,
whom you know as he has
taken some trouble in your
behalf in the matter of your
translation of the Bible; and
he assures me that although
there is no international
copyright between England
and the United States, yet,
you would be certain to
acknowledge the moral
obligations existing towards
a laborer, however hum-
ble, who, although working
but in the vestibule of
literature, has bestowed
much care, love and
conscientiousness on the
little volume in question.
Therefore, I must claim
from you, the withdrawal
of the expressions „corrected

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and revised by Isaac Leeser
from your advertisements
as well as from the work
which should not be altered
except by myself whilst
it bears my name and
I am still living.
Hoping, Sir, that you will
be good enough to accede
to my wish

I have the honor to be


Yours very obediently

Hester Rothschild